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7 Simple steps to save money on your gas bill

How to spend less on your heating system gas bills in 7 clear steps.

With energy bills at an all time high many families are struggling to keep up with paying huge bills.
But it’s actually not so difficult to save at least 10% off your bill.

Here’s how you can save money and spend less on your heating gas bill in seven simple steps.


Make sure you have a room thermostat fitted for your heating and turn it down to the lowest comfortable
setting. It’s crucial, simply because the room stat controls the boiler and the higher the setting the more gas you will consume. Make sure you don’t neglect or by-pass this, because by turning down the heating in your home, even by just 1°C can save you around £55 a year according to the Energy Saving Trust.


Programme or time the heating. Read the manufactures instructions if you are unsure how. Many London older homes, especially non-insulated properties have huge heat loss. If you leave your heating on all day whilst not at home the heat loss is so great that it is simply lost from the property causing the boiler to constantly stay on most of the time.


Up to 20% of all heat loss in the home is through ventilation and draughts.
Fit draught Insulation around doors and windows. The reason for this will be to keep cold air from entering the property. In addition you will just want to fit secondary glazing fitted if you have draughty old windows such as Sash windows.


Install thermostatic radiator valves if you don’t already have them and set them to a lower value. Specifically, the upstairs and bedroom radiators.


Make sure your boiler is serviced regularly. Many boilers need regular adjustment to the air gas ratio mixture. If this setting is wrong your boiler will lose its efficiency.


It is important to keep that the heating system water is kept clean and an Inhibitor added regularly. For every 1mm of sediment of rust deposits in your pipework you could lose as much as 10% efficiency from your system.


Fit loft Insulation. We recommend that you fit insulation with a minimum depth of 270mm. More than 40% of all the heat lost in an average home is through the loft space and walls.
Loft insulation can save up to 15% of a home’s heating costs

If you have followed these steps conscientiously, you should succeed on lowering your fuel bills.

For more energy saving tips visit The energy saving trust website



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