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Aluminum radiators are one of the most efficient types of radiators on the market. They are very popular with architects and homeowners who are keen on the most efficient heating systems. This is why many of our clients in London and surrounding areas continue to ask us about these practical and convenient systems.

Normally in the UK, you will find most conventional central heating radiators are made from steel.

The benefits of using aluminum are the heat transfer properties and the quick heat up time.

Because aluminum has a better heat transfer than steel, these types of radiators do not require as much water as steel radiators. They also hold 80% less water.

This is beneficial to your heating bill, as your house will warm at a quicker temperature and the boiler won’t have to work as hard due to the fact that there is less water to heat.

Your temperature controls should close earlier due to this quicker heat up time, which in turn will close the boiler off quicker. This means greater energy savings!

Aluminium is a very abundant metal and approximately makes up 70-80% of the earth’s solid surface. It is also 100% recyclable, which is great for the environment.

Aluminium Radiators Installation Services in London

You will notice the difference in aesthetics very quickly when you compare a steel radiator with one made from aluminum.
It is a personal matter of preference, but we favor the more elegant look of the aluminium central heating radiators.

Aluminium radiators are available in several designs and colours.

Modern Aluminium Radiators Installation London

City Gas Services will help you calculate and quote the exact heat output required for your property to be heated by aluminium-heated radiators.

We can have the radiators custom painted many different colours to suit your décor.

It is very important when fitting new radiators to an existing central heating system that you water condition is clean. In some cases, an older heating circuit that is fouled heavily with sediment and rust deposits will need to be flushed with either a chemical or power flush.

Aluminium radiators have great corrosion resistance properties. If installed on a clean system with a correct inhibitor added, it will last as long as any steel radiator.

If a system is left untreated, or sediment is allowed to build up, it can potentially cause premature problems.

If you are looking for a stylish and efficient way to heat up your home, we recommend the aluminium radiator. The benefits really do add up!

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