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Boiler modulation ratios–sounds technical, so what is it, exactly? Read on for the answer, and why it’s important for homeowners.

If you have been lucky enough to buy a new car from a dealer, you would have had the fun of choosing from the long list of options and specifications. Size of engine, gearbox and a long list of many other options.

Something that might have been Important to you when choosing your options would have been the fuel consumption (MPG). Fuel as we all know, is very expensive and the more quickly we use it the quicker our pockets empty. Different boiler manufactures offer many different specifications and its Important you understand the differences and what would best suit your property before you make a purchase.

Heating our homes with a boiler accounts for 80-90% of our gas bill. This is why you need to choose a boiler with wide modulation and fit the best controls you can afford.

A boiler with large modulation ratios can improve efficiencies and reduce wear and tear on components. This will help save on your gas bill.

The modulation ratio is how a boiler reduces its largest output to the smallest output. For example a boiler with 30 KW output maximum and a minimum output of 7.7 KW has a modulation ratio of 4:1. If the boiler had maximum output of 30 KW and minimum 3 KW it would have a better ratio of 10:1.

Fig 1: Chart showing the difference between wide and low modulation range.

Difference between wide and low Boiler modulation range

Good boiler modulation reduces on/off cycling; this improves efficiency and the life of a boiler. These are very important factors when choosing a boiler. Choose a boiler with good modulation and you will heat your home to a more comfortable temperature whilst using less gas. If you add weather compensation controls you will improve this a further 12-15%.

City Gas can help give advice to which boiler would best suit your property and heating system. Call us today at 020 8882 2266 and let the experts in heating give you a free quotation for replacing your existing boiler with a high efficiency model.

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