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Boiler Services for Retail Stores in London

Looking for commercial boiler experts in London? Call 020 8882 2266 for service at your retail store.

Retail Store Boiler Services Contractor in London, UK

Your boiler is tasked with keeping customers and employees comfortable every day. However, your system must be maintained on a regular basis to keep up with this efficiency. Don’t put a hold on business operations because of a faulty boiler. Contact City Gas Services for fast solutions to your boiler problems, from leaks to corrosion. We’re the boiler engineers London trusts for energy efficient heating solutions!

What are Signs Your Boiler Needs Repair?

Because your store is open for long hours, you want to make sure your heating systems are getting the care they need to keep your customers and staff comfortable.

A boiler that is running for 12-14 hours a day on a daily basis can easily break down or start leaking if not maintained properly. It can also heat or cool down more slowly as it becomes more inefficient. These are signs that it’s time to look into professional boiler repair. If customers are too hot or too cold inside the store, they will not want to shop there.

When Was the Last Time You Had Your Boiler Checked?

We recommend annual boiler inspections to ensure your system continues to work at top efficiency. We’ll be able to pinpoint problem areas or catch potential issues before they have a chance to damage your unit.

Regular boiler service offers many benefits:

  • You’ll avoid costly energy bills
  • Premature breakdowns and unnecessary problems will be prevented
  • Extended boiler life
  • Gas leaks will be avoided and caught before anyone is affected

Need to Replace Your Current Boiler?

When your boiler gets to the point where it stops functioning in a predictable manner, it’s time to consider a replacement. If you’re turning on the boiler every day hoping that it works properly, there is nothing to stop the boiler from overheating (or underheating) the store.

Why Switch To A Gas Or Combi Boiler?

Our clients often ask us about the benefits of switching to a gas or combination gas boiler. The answer is music to any property owner’s ears: you’ll start saving on energy expenses right away!

Gas heating works more quickly and cools down quickly as well during the night. This means your store will always be kept at a comfortable temperature.

Combination boilers do the job of water heaters and space heaters–all in one convenient system. This means you’ll get hot water on demand and comfortable indoor temperatures year-round. The end result is greater money saved on heating and energy costs!

Call us today at 020 8882 2266 for improved heating solutions! We’ll repair, replace, or maintain your boiler so you can focus on keeping your customers happy. Enjoy a FREE quote and our No Fix, No Fee promise.


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