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If you operate an older school building, it may be time to replace your current boiler system. To maintain the comfort level of students and staff–plus save on heating costs–look to professional boiler solutions with City Gas Services. Our engineers serve campuses throughout the greater London area.

What are Common Boiler Problems?

Every boiler in the building should maintain the temperature that it was set for. If the heating is not consistent, there is a problem with your system that will need to be identified and repaired. Without timely repair, your boiler system can overheat and affect the entire building.

In addition, older boilers leak easily, resulting in a more inefficient and erratic service.

What are Signs Your Boiler Needs to Be Replaced?

We understand you would prefer to repair your boiler rather than replace it entirely. The savings alone makes this a sensible choice.

However, there are cases where a replacement will be more cost effective. If it is taking longer than usual for your boiler to heat up, or if you notice leaking in your system, it is time to look into replacement. When your boiler is so erratic that it cannot be trusted to perform efficiently, a new system is necessary.

What are the Benefits of Timely Boiler Replacement?

New boilers are more energy efficient; they take less energy to work properly. This means your system will respond more quickly and not waste energy warming up or cooling down.

Most important of all, a new boiler that undergoes regular service from the beginning will last longer than its predecessor.

Keep everyone on campus comfortable year-round! Call today at 020 8882 2266 and your boiler engineer will help you choose a new, more energy efficient system.

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