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Case Study: Mr & Mrs SilberHampstead, London.

Removal of a conventional 20 year old boiler, cylinder and tanks.
Installation of a new Vaillant Eco-Tec 937 combination boiler to the loft space.

Mr & Mrs Silber wanted to free up some valuable space in preparation for a new kitchen/bathroom installation and modernize the existing heating system.
The benefits of Installing a new combination boiler was that it could be moved to another position in the loft space, due to the fact that combination boilers do not require cold water storage tanks. This was beneficial as the current boiler was installed to the kitchen, by moving the boiler more space could be utilised in the new kitchen design and the existing cylinder compartment could be used for much needed storage.

Existing 20 year old boiler

Old hot water cylinder

The limited space in the kitchen has been improved with the existing cast iron boiler removed.
This was much needed due to the kitchen being very small in size.

With the cylinder now removed and associated pipe work neatened. Our client was able to remove the wall at the end of the bath and fit a separate shower.

The new combination system utilizes the incoming cold mains water. This enables the cold water storage tank to be removed.

The existing tank is removed. When full of water the tank would weigh approximately 283 Kg. It was not supported correctly over a wall and was an accident waiting to happen.

Vaillant 937 Installed to the loft space. Our client was very impressed with the greater pressure and flow from the bath and new shower Installed. The importance of the new space created was why our client chose to install the boiler to the loft space.

When installing boilers to a loft space, access needs to be thought about. There were some particular regulations that we had to comply with after the boiler was installed.

1: Boiler must have a caged guard if the loft space is used for storage.
2: The loft must be accessible by a purpose made loft ladder with handle.
3: Floor must be boarded.
4: Loft must have a permanently fitted light with switch
5: Hand rail should be fitted from the access to the boiler position.

Fitting boilers to the loft space isn’t ideal for every customer but it can be considered an alternative if you don’t have much space in your property.

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