For more consistent heating, look to cast iron radiators. Call 020 8882 2266 to install yours today! We serve clients in the greater London area.

Cast Iron radiators are more than just a radiator; they are part of the décor and can even be the centre piece attraction of a room.

They invite discussion and comments from visitors to your property. You will often hear “I love your radiator” or that looks “fantastic”.

Cast Iron Radiators Installation Services in London

Traditional houses, such as Victorian, Edwardian or Georgian will greatly benefit from the stylish looks of a cast iron radiator.

Cast iron radiators work by radiating the heat, rather than by convection as found on modern steel radiators. Because this is a gentler way of heating a room and causes less air movement, it leads to less dust being moved around, which is great for people suffering from dust allergies and promotes a healthier indoor environment.

We have found that iron provides more consistent heating. This is different from the quick on and then off characteristic found in a steel or aluminium radiator.

When a cast iron radiator is switched off, it very slowly releases its heat over a longer period of time.
This is quite useful in older properties fitted with sash windows and open fireplaces where the heat loss is large. If the heating is switched off due to being satisfied by the room thermostat, it is possible for steel or aluminium radiators to cool before the water is reheated and distributed to the radiator again; this can cause a lag where the property feels cold before it reheats.

Cast iron radiators also provide a gentler ambient heat.

Cast Iron Radiators Installation

As a traditional heating company, we have the knowledge, experience and partners to assist you in finding your dream cast iron radiator. We will calculate the BTU size required, help you find the period type and design, then arrange delivery and install the radiator for you. We are a one-stop shop for finding and installing your cast iron radiator. We can also assist and provide guidance on which boiler to use with cast iron radiators.

Call 020 8882 2266 or free on 0800 075 8181, or use our contact form, to arrange a free estimate for installing a cast Iron radiator in the London area.

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