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What are signs that my AC needs a tune-up?

Signs that Your AC Needs a Tuneup


AC Tune-UpWhile your air conditioner is a great thing to have and a great way to stay cool in the summer, there are things that can occasionally go wrong with it. Aside from regular repairs that could be the result of something not working, you may need an AC tune up. There are a few signs that you should look for that will tell you whether or not it is time for you to tune up your air conditioner.

Not as Cold

When your air conditioner is not running as cold as it should be, but is still working, it might mean that you need to have it tuned up. If you notice a major difference in temperature, you probably need it repaired. A slight difference or air that is not blowing ice cold simply means you should have a tune up.

Running Harder

Have you ever noticed that your air conditioner is making more noise or seems to be struggling harder than it should be to cool down your house? When this happens, it usually means that you should get your air conditioner tuned up. Make sure that you pay close attention to how your air conditioner runs normally so you can have an idea if it needs tuned up.

After Time

If it has been a while since your last tune up, you probably need to have your air conditioner checked on and tuned up. Even if there is nothing wrong with it, it’s ice cold and it is not making any strange noises, you should consider having it tuned up. This will ensure that your air conditioner will run properly for a long time and it will enable you to spend less money on more costly air conditioner repairs in the future.

When you have an air conditioner, just like any major appliance, you must perform regular maintenance. This includes having it tuned up on a regular basis. Make sure you know the signs to look out for when you need it tuned up and get it done as quickly as possible when you notice the signs.

Is your home in need of an AC check-up? Call City Gas Services today at 020 8882 2266 for the best services in London!

How often should I have my heater checked out?

Signs Your Heating Unit Needs a Tune Up


London HeatingA heating unit plays a vital part in keeping a home comfortable and running smoothly. Typically, a boiler can last between 15 and 20 years, as long as regular maintenance is performed. There are a few telltale warning signs that your boiler needs to be looked at by a professional HVAC company.

One of the biggest signs that a heating unit is not functioning properly is if there is a variance in the temperature between different rooms in the home. If one room is chilly and another room is uncomfortably warm, this may mean that the boiler is not performing efficiently. A skilled heating engineer will be able to diagnose the problem and present solutions to get your heating unit working correctly again.

No boiler is whisper-quiet, however if a heating unit is making loud clanging noises or a high-pitched squeal this signals that a belt may be loose and in need of replacement, or that the unit is working too hard to heat the home. A heating company can assess the issue and replace or repair any parts that are causing the unit to make these noises.

Routine maintenance should be performed on a heating unit a few times a year. This typically involves a heating company cleaning the unit and replacing the filter. If you find yourself having to hire someone to replace or repair parts on the unit frequently, it may be time to install a new unit. A licensed heating engineer can assist you in weighing the cost-effectiveness of continuing to repair the unit versus replacing the unit altogether.

A properly functioning boiler is essential to keeping a home safe and comfortable. Keeping an eye out for these warning signs will not only prolong the life of a boiler but also help save money on energy bills.

Are you looking for a heating engineer in the London area? Call City Gas Services at 020 8882 2266 and get started today!

How often does a boiler need maintenance?

Signs Your boiler Needs To Be Repaired


London Boiler RepairOur boilers are not often thought of until we need them. And then after that they do not even get a second thought unless they are not working properly. Commonly boilers like so many other things do not just stop working, often there are signs that give a warning. Some of the warning signs are mentioned below.

One of the most reliable signs that something is wrong with the boiler is the utility bill. A sharp increase in this bill can mean that the boiler is not working properly. Another sign that your boiler needs to be repaired is if it continually turns on and off more than it has in the past.

Another sign that your boiler needs to be repaired is if the pilot light is burning a different color instead of blue. A blue flame shows that the gas and air mixture is set the way that it should be, any other color flame and the mixture is not right.

Usually when a boiler turns on there is some types of noise, but if the noises seem to be louder or last longer there is probably something wrong. Anytime your boiler is making sounds that it normally has not made in the past it is a sign your boiler needs to be repaired.

If the home is always cold yet the boiler always seems to be running there is probably something wrong. Winters can be tough and the temperatures have been record breaking lows lately. However an individual who has been around their boiler for awhile can tell if the constant running is due to a cold temperature or if there might be something else wrong.
Working on a boiler is job for a trained professional, there are too many things that can go wrong, and the results of these things can be terrible. Having someone who is knowledgeable about boilers is the only real safe way to go.

Is the boiler in your London home in need of maintenance? Call City Gas Services at 020 8882 2266 and schedule a service call today!

Should I check the gas pressure in my heater?

Checking the Gas Pressure of Your Heating Unit is Very Important


GasPressureMore homeowners are switching to gas for their home heating units, this is due to the fact that it can be less costly and more convenient than electricity. Gas can afford a very even temperature for heating the home and for cooking. There is also a certain amount of maintenance that needs to be done on a yearly basis to make sure your gas heating unit is running efficiently. Unlike electric units, homeowner’s need to be aware that gas heating if unmaintained can cause damage to the home. However, if maintained correctly you’ll have years of enjoyment and safety.

Proper maintenance of a gas heater is for two very specific reasons. If there isn’t enough gas pressure in the lines you’ll be left with improper heating coverage. If there is too much gas coming through the lines then this is where the gas unit could explode and cause damage to your home.

The most important aspect of using gas for your heating unit is having unit pressure checked periodically. While each brand of heating unit is different they still should have a general recommendation of check-ups. It’s advised that your gas heating unit be checked at least once per year; unless maintenance is required due to unforeseen circumstances like drastic changes in seasonal weather which may require more care. The best time for a check-up is in the fall when you’re thinking of the change in weather. In this way you’ll be able to schedule regular gas unit inspections with your choice of specialist and possibly have them send you a yearly reminder.

Make sure the check-up is always done by a professional. It may be advisable to do some research to find the best technician professional in your area. The Better Business Bureau and online review sites will be able to help in this matter.

Using a gas heating unit is a natural and preferred way in many cases to enjoy comfort in the home. But just as with electric heating it needs to be cared for in order to enjoy the convenience that comes with a gas unit.

Do you need to check the gas pressure in your heating unit? Call City Gas Services at 020 8882 2266 and schedule a service call today!

How often does my heating unit need a tune up?

Signs Your Heating Unit Needs a Tune Up


London Heating EngineerDoes your heating unit not seem to be running properly? If so, you have come to the right place. Here we will cover the most common signs that a heating unit is in need of a tune up.

One of the most common signs is the presence of unusual smells. While a slight burnt fuel scent is not uncommon, you should have your unit checked out to ensure it does not need repairs. There are several factors that could be causing this burnt fuel scent, including clogged filters and dirty vents. However, if you notice a strong odor that smells like rotten eggs you may have a gas leak. In this case, you should contact the fire department and leave your house immediately as this could be very dangerous. For this reason, it is very important to have a carbon monoxide detector as not all odors can be detected by the human senses.

Another sign is unusual sounds coming from your unit, which can be caused by an improperly working blower fan, a delayed ignition, or a loose belt. While some slight noise is normal, if you hear groaning or banging noises you should have your heater serviced.

Yet another sign is a sudden increase in your gas bill. It is normal for your gas bill to be higher during the winter months, but if it seems unusually high you should have it serviced. Finally, unless your heater is connected to a thermostat, it is not normal for it to shut off on its own. If this happens you may have faulty components, such as a broken fan motor, a broken pilot light or faulty wiring.

Getting your heater tuned up is part of routine maintenance so any of these factors should be addressed. This will not only keep it working properly, but will also extend its life. A key factor of routine maintenance is ensuring any air filters are changed to guarantee the air flowing from the unit is unrestricted and clean. If your filters are dirty, dust and mold can circulate throughout your home, which is unhealthy.

Are you in need of a heating engineer in London? Call City Gas Services at 020 8882 2266 and schedule a service call today!

How can I make sure I’m hiring the right heating engineer?

Steps To Picking The Right Heating Engineer


London heatingNever make a new heating system a ‘Do It Yourself Project’. Homeowners need to pick out a quality, trusted and licensed engineer to install or repair a home’s heating system. How does a homeowner pick out the right heating engineer, what does a homeowner look for in a quality-heating engineer?

If a homeowner picks the wrong heating engineer, their work could end up costing you more money in the future due to the complexity of the heating system. It may take several steps to locate the right heating engineer, but it is well worth the time. Collect some business names and contact numbers of heating engineers in area of residence.

Check out the business pages of phone books or check on the Internet for area of residence. If you know, people who have utilized the services of a heating engineer get their recommendations as to the work ethics and prices of the engineer they hired.

Heating engineers carry licenses and insurance. Narrow your search according to the amount of positive reviews collected from consumers about these heating engineers and their business. Homeowners must contact the heating engineers and ask questions. Questions should include what the cost for services amount to, and how long the consumer must wait for service. Ask if the engineer is licensed and insured. What is the brand of heating system the engineer trusts the most? Does the BTU match the size of the home? It takes a quality engineer to match system efficiency with size of home. Does the engineer give a free estimate for replacement, or repair of the heating system?

Homeowners should notice the answers the engineer gives you. Do they hesitate with their answers? If the engineer does not seem to know what they are talking about or answer questions with hesitation, mark them from your list of engineer possibilities. Homeowners must sign a contract for work and the engineer, by law gives you 72-hours to change your mind regarding your signed contract for work. By following a few simple steps to hiring, a quality and trusted heating engineer will save the homeowner many future headaches and money poorly spent.

Are you looking for a heating engineer in the London area? Call City Gas Services at 020 8882 2266 and schedule a service call today!

How can I keep my home warm during the winter?

Tips on keeping your home warm during the winter


London HeatingIt’s wintertime again. The weather is getting colder and colder. So, how do you stay warm in your own home? Here are some tips that will help keep the cold away and save on your heating bill:

To start with, make sure that all the windows in your home are properly shut. If there are any leaks in the window caulk make sure to reseal them or at least place a cloth in front of them to prevent cold air entering the room. If the temperature is warm during the day, open the windows.

Use clear plastic sheets or shower curtains to cover the windows in your home that receive light. This prevents cold air from entering while the keeping the warmth captured from the sun light inside. You may also use curtains. Heavy curtains help prevent cold air drafts from coming in a room. Remember when the sun is shining open them to let the warmth come in.

Be sure that your doors are sealed. You can even purchase a door sweep or weather stripping. Placing a towel around the bottom of a door works very well also. Additionally, close the door to any room you are not using. Closing off rooms acts as another wall between the cold air and your home, reduces heat loss, and stops air circulation.

Adding a carpet or a rug can help warm a room and prevent heat loss. Carpets and rugs are also warmer to walk on than wood, stone and other types of flooring. You can also add insulation to attics and other small spaces where heat can escape.

Cooking is another great way to keep your home warm. Warm steam and hot ovens can help heat the house, save money, and feed your family with a nice home cooked meal. While you are cooking light some candles. Candles produce a great deal of warmth. Add them to as many rooms as you would like to quickly heat up your home.

And, last but not least, bundle up and stay warm! Do you need a heating service in the London area? Call City Gas Services at 020 8882 2266 and get started today!

What does a programmable thermostat do?

The Advantages of a Digital Setback Thermostat


London Boiler ServiceThe digital setback thermostat is a device which is both familiar and impressive at the same time. The main aspect of it which people will recognize is the thermostat portion. At the most basic level, a digital setback thermostat offers the same functionality as a traditional thermostat. However, they offer quite a few advantages over them as well.

The biggest advantage a digital setback thermostat has is the fact that it’s programmable. If one wants to use it in the traditional way, it’s possible. One can simply set the desired temperature and it will modify the temperature of a building accordingly. However, one can also tell the digital setback thermostat to change the temperature automatically during the day.

For example, if you’re at at work there’s typically little need to heat or cool your home. However, nobody wants to spend all day working only to come back home to an uncomfortable environment. Switching the climate control on and off on leaving and arriving back home will save on the electricity bill. It would also ensure that you’d be stuck waiting around for a considerable amount of time while the changes took effect.

A digital setback thermostat takes care of that issue. It can be programming to automatically allow a wider range of temperatures when one’s away, and then switch to a different temperature shortly before one arrives home every day. For the average person this translates into eight or more hours every day where the heat and air conditioning won’t contribute to the power bill.

Obviously, there’s a monetary benefit. The advantage goes beyond the pound signs though, and into the reason that power bills even exist. There’s a finite amount of energy in the world. One person using resources when they don’t need to won’t matter very much. However, an entire planet of people doing that ends up being a major drain on the earth’s natural resources. At the same time, the more people use automated power saving systems the more net benefit the world sees from it. The digital setback thermostat can not only allow one to save money, but allow one to help protect the environment as well.

Are you looking to install a digital programmable thermostat in your London home? Call City Gas Services at 020 8882 2266 and get started today!

Why is my boiler not heating?

3 Signs Your Boiler Needs a Service


London boiler repairJust like we depend on our vehicles for our comfort, convenience and often times an improved way of life, we depend on our boiler for many of the same reasons. Also like your car, the boiler needs regular tune-ups and  maintenance to get the most effective use of it. There are three apparent signs that indicate your boiler needs a tune-up. Seeking the consultation and services of a professional, reputable Gas Safe registered heating company can help insure your boiler is ready and running efficiently exactly when you need it.

Not Heating: If you turn on the unit or adjust the thermostat and no heat comes out, this is a clear sign something is wrong. Simple troubleshooting tasks like checking the filter and ensuring the settings are set to heat are easy to perform. But, when those things are properly set, and the unit refuses to heat, there is a need for a service call.

Making Loud Noises: While the boiler doesn’t normally purr like a kitten, it certainly should not roar like a raging tiger either. When functioning properly, the boiler should be a fairly quite unit. Loud banging, clanging, rumbling or rattling noises when you turn on the boiler are usually indicators that either the boiler ignition is stalled or the fan may need to be adjusted or replaced.

Alarming Carbon Monoxide Detector: Carbon monoxide detectors are crucial when using any gas appliance. Carbon monoxide is not detectable by any of the five senses, and extreme levels can be lethal. If your carbon monoxide detector goes off, there is a great chance that the gas boiler has a carbon monoxide leak. After taking proper safety precautions of leaving the home and calling emergency authorities, a professional boiler technician should be consulted.

It is recommended that your boiler is checked and given a service each year. Giving your boiler the proper maintenance and upkeep will avoid costly complications in the long run. A properly running and regularly tuned boiler can save you time and money on required repairs. This way you get to enjoy years of comfort from your boiler just as you enjoy years of convenience from your car.

Does the boiler in your London home need to be repaired? Call City Gas Services at 020 8882 2266 and schedule a service call today!

Why is my boiler making noise?

3 Signs Your Boiler Needs a Tune Up


London Boiler RepairDuring the cold months an efficient boiler is the difference between comfort and possible life threatening conditions. Knowing when to have your boiler checked is vital to keeping it running efficiently.

First of all, your pilot light should always remain blue. If you check your boiler and notice a yellow flame, do not ignore this important sign. This color flame indicates a problem with the balance of gases being released. This could stay minor or explode. Either way, a check is in order because a yellow pilot light could very well indicate the presence of Carbon Monoxide which is extremely unsafe inside of your home. Moreover, this could lead to breathing issues in the family. If your family is experiencing a higher than normal number of cases of breathing issues and chest issues, it’s important to check the boiler and, if necessary (if a yellow pilot light is present) call a professional to immediately come and fix the problem.

While a boiler is not necessarily quiet, too much noise can be a big problem. A loose belt or a faulty ignition switch needs to be replaced before they completely go out. Sometimes a problem that is left unchecked will cause much more damage than would be, if the issue was resolved early on. Other faulty components could include your thermostat, ductwork, and pilot lights. These components, if not running at peak performance, will lead to long-term problems as well as a sky high electric bill.

Finally, if you’ve had multiple problems in the past year or so, it may be time to tune-up or even replace your boiler. Multiple issues involving different components of a boiler system may indicate an outdated system, or at the very least a broken down system on its last leg. If replacing parts is a normal occurrence, it may be time to have a professional come to your home and do a thorough tune-up and check-up.

Use your common sense. If your bill is incredibly higher than last month, there’s an issue. If you’re hearing unusual sounds or smelling musty or foul odors, there’s a big issue. Keep your unit running efficiently and your family safe by requesting a tune-up every two months, regardless of the perceived condition of your unit.

Is the boiler in your London home in need of repairs? Call City Gas Services at 020 8882 2266 and schedule a service call today!


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