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Let’s be honest, standard convector steel radiators do not look nice. They never have and never will be a beautiful feature of a room.
Radiators are often forgotten when decorating a room, yet they hang their in your face and before long it becomes the norm to have that ugly long white piece of metal sitting in front of you. The only reason you let it go is because you know it has a function: to heat your room. When it’s cold, you need it.

But what if you could have function and beauty at the same time? Well now you can, and at an affordable price.

Designer Radiators Installation Service in London

A designer radiator can become a feature of your room or it can be as stealthy as you like. It can show your personality and become the finishing touch to a room.
Feature radiators start with a very simple vertical type that is available in different colours. You are not limited to just white with a feature radiator; they are available in different colours. White, black and grey are popular choices.  The varied colour schemes make it much more easier to match with your existing furniture and décor.

Modern Radiators Design Installation in London

Designer radiators are available as sculptures, seats, tables and even mirrors. It is possible enter a room fitted with a feature radiator and not even know that it is, in fact, a radiator!

When fitting a designer feature radiator, a little more care and skill is needed. The pipework to the radiator needs to be considered first, as this must be hidden from sight. There is nothing worse than having a beautiful new feature radiator on the wall with two copper pipes sticking out.

City Gas Services has experience fitting feature radiators for hotels, restaurants and even footballers’ homes. Call us today to find how we can assist in sizing the correct output and help you choose the right feature radiator for your home.

Use the contact us form or call 020 8882 2266 or freephone on 0800 075 8181 for a free consultation on having a designer feature radiator fitted in your home or business. 

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