Looking for easy ways to cut back on home energy costs? Live in London or surrounding areas? Call 020 8882 2266 and ask us about the Green Deal scheme!

The Green Deal is a government scheme designed to enable homeowners to make energy saving improvements with no upfront costs.
You can make improvements such as the installation of solar panels, double glazing, cavity or solid wall insulation, and even fit in a new boiler.

The Green Deal is a long term financial product. It differs from a normal loan in that your repayments in theory will be covered by the savings on your energy bill.

This is known as the ‘Golden Rule’: You should not pay back more than you are saving on your energy bill. The re-payments are taken from your electricity bill.

Careful consideration is needed before you apply to go ahead. We recommend you fully research the Green Deal due to its complex nature.

It is possible to secure lower interest rates at the banks. If you are a low level energy user, you could find yourself worse off in some cases. Up to £10,000 is available for the work, and the money can be paid back over a 25-year span.

The loan is attached to the property and not the owner. If the property is sold the new owner becomes responsible for paying back the re-payments.

How Does the Green Deal Work?

1: Contact a Green Deal assessor who will see if improvements to your property can be made. (There is normally a £100.00 charge for this)
You can find an assessor at http://gdorb.decc.gov.uk/green-deal-participant-register.

2: If Improvements can be made, then you can move onto the next stage and choose a Green Deal provider who will arrange the financing and ask you to sign your Green Deal plan. The provider will then normally find a Green Deal Installer to carry out the works.

3: The works are carried out by the Green Deal Installer as per the Green Deal plan speciation.

4: You make re-payments back from the savings on your fuel bills according to the newly installed energy efficient products.

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