3 Signs Your Boiler Needs a Tune Up

A boiler is an excellent source of heat for your home. Annual preventative maintenance for your boiler is recommended to keep it running as efficiently as possible and avoid a dreaded mid-winter breakdown. Sometimes though your unit may require a tune up before your planned maintenance inspection. There are three helpful signs to keep in mind indicating that a tune up is in order.

Banging Noises: Boilers are complex, mechanical units so they do tend to make some noise, they should overall be fairly quiet and go unnoticed, but you should be fairly familiar with the normal sounds that your unit makes as it works. Pay attention to any odd noises, particularly banging sounds when you turn your boiler on. This can indicate a problem with your blower motor – it will usually need to be adjusted or repaired in some way. Occasionally, banging noises can be an ignition delay, which is actually dangerous.

Utility Bill Increases: A sudden spike in your utility bill with no other known cause can sometimes reveal a boiler issue. It is expected that your energy bill will increase during the winter months, but unless there has been a rate change, your bill should be roughly the same each month. When various parts of your boiler malfunction, need to be replaced or repaired, it can cause your boiler to have to work a great deal harder to get the same job done. Even a small, quick-fix sort of repair that a tune-up can handle will take a toll on your unit’s efficiency. This will in turn show up on your utility bill.

No Heat: Not having heat is probably the most obvious sign that something has gone wrong with your boiler. There are many different reasons that cause a boiler to unexpectedly stop working. Along with a routine maintenance plan it is a good idea to test your boiler before it gets particularly cold out. Make sure it is producing heat and enough of it. Again, boilers are complicated and have many mechanical parts. Sometimes a small thing can go wrong and affect the whole system. Any heating issues definitely call for a tune up.

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