Signs Your Heating Unit Needs a Tune Up

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A heating unit plays a vital part in keeping a home comfortable and running smoothly. Typically, a boiler can last between 15 and 20 years, as long as regular maintenance is performed. There are a few telltale warning signs that your boiler needs to be looked at by a professional HVAC company.

One of the biggest signs that a heating unit is not functioning properly is if there is a variance in the temperature between different rooms in the home. If one room is chilly and another room is uncomfortably warm, this may mean that the boiler is not performing efficiently. A skilled heating engineer will be able to diagnose the problem and present solutions to get your heating unit working correctly again.

No boiler is whisper-quiet, however if a heating unit is making loud clanging noises or a high-pitched squeal this signals that a belt may be loose and in need of replacement, or that the unit is working too hard to heat the home. A heating company can assess the issue and replace or repair any parts that are causing the unit to make these noises.

Routine maintenance should be performed on a heating unit a few times a year. This typically involves a heating company cleaning the unit and replacing the filter. If you find yourself having to hire someone to replace or repair parts on the unit frequently, it may be time to install a new unit. A licensed heating engineer can assist you in weighing the cost-effectiveness of continuing to repair the unit versus replacing the unit altogether.

A properly functioning boiler is essential to keeping a home safe and comfortable. Keeping an eye out for these warning signs will not only prolong the life of a boiler but also help save money on energy bills.

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