Just bought a new home in the London area? Need to make sure your current gas appliances are working safely? Call 020 8882 2266 to learn more about the homeowner gas safety certificate.

Homeowner Gas Safety Services Contractor in London, UK

We offer two types of gas safety inspection certificates:

1: Landlord gas safety inspection certificates

In 1996 the government made law that all landlords who rent part, or all of a property, must have all gas appliances and the pipework installation checked, and a certificate to prove it every 12 months.

If you are a landlord that needs your gas appliances checked, call us today at 020 8882 2266 for your Landlord Gas Safety Certificate (CP 12). Please visit our landlord gas certificate page for more information.

2: Homeowner gas safety certificates

A homeowner certificate is similar to the Landlord certificate. It is for people who would like peace of mind knowing that the gas appliances in their homes are operating correctly and safely.
If you are buying a new property and have concerns over an older boiler that is installed, or the surveyor has asked in the report to have the appliances checked by a registered Gas Safe engineer, call us at 020 8882 2266 or freephone on 0800 075 8181 to book an appointment.

What Happens During the Inspection?

Our Gas Safe Registered engineer will visit the property and inspect any gas appliances, pipework (where visible) and the gas meter.

You will be issued a certificate like the one below; the certificate will show any defects and the remedial action needed.

Landlord Home Owner Gas Safety Record

Tests will be carried out to ensure the gas pipework is sound and no leaks are present. The appliances will also be tested for safety.

*Please note: If any of the appliances or installations are found to be unsafe on the day of testing, it is the law that we disconnect the appliance or installation from the gas supply. It is your responsibility to let the agent and present homeowner know this in advance.

The cost for this service is fixed at £99.00 + VAT @20% for a maximum of three appliances, and then £20.00 + VAT @20% per appliance after.

Documentation can be emailed or posted the following day. Payment is due on completion of the certificate.

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