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Unvented cylinders are often referred to as ‘Megaflos.’
Heatrae Sadia is the company behind this name.
There are many other manufacturers that produce unvented
cylinders, but the Heatrae Sadia’s Megaflo name is know for its unrivaled quality and the unique product it manufactures.

Unvented cylinders are fed directly from the main’s cold water supply so no tanks are required. This makes the system more hygienic and less noisy.

Two of the unique features of the Megaflo cylinder are 1) its patented internal floating baffle to accommodate the expansion of hot water and 2) a lifetime warranty standard for the homeowner as long as they live on the property.
The cover is reduced to thirty years if the property is sold.

Megaflo cylinders have high performance even at lower water pressures; at 1 bar pressure it is possible for the cylinder to produce a flow rate of 79 litres of water per minute, and a 3 bar pressure produces 130 litres per minute. In some cases this doubles the performance of other manufactured cylinders of this type.
The indirect models use state of the art steel coils to ensure the cylinder recovers quickly and is re-heated in less than 60 minutes.

We are specialists G3 qualified installation and servicing of Megaflo products in London.
If you require advice or a free survey and estimate, or would like to see if a Megaflo can be installed at your home, call us at 020 8882 2266 or for free on 0800 075 8181.

Please download the brochure below for more information on Megaflo systems, or visit http://www.heatraesadia.com/megaflo/.


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