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Maintaining the heating system in your home is critical to keeping your boiler in top condition. Looking for more information on installing a new boiler, repairing your current one, or having it maintained? City Gas Services is here to help! You’ll work with BPEC-certified engineers who are quality trained to handle all of your heating issues. Contact us today for immediate service in Highbury and surrounding areas.

Need to Repair Your Boiler?

If you’re noticing problems with your boiler system, start with a basic inspection. We’ll help you identify problem areas that will need to be repaired. Our engineers will give you an overview of what will need to be done and present options that will best fit your needs.

Signs that your boiler needs repair include a sudden rise in your heating costs and unusual noises coming from your system. These point to decreased system efficiency and will continue to cost you in monthly expenses if not handled in a timely manner.

In the Market For a New Boiler?

If you have had your boiler for over 15 years, it is time to look into a replacement. Even if your current system hasn’t shown outward signs of trouble, an older system is much less energy efficient than a newer system.

So how do you know which new boiler to purchase? What’s the best all-around system that will suit your needs? Gas boilers tend to be more efficient. Some of these models will also be combination units, which means they are more fuel efficient than the other models available. If you are strapped for space, a combination gas boiler that features an all-in-one hot water and heating is a great choice.

Looking for Central Heating Services?

If you are planning to install a central heating system in your home, you’re in the right place. We’ll help you set up a system that will help make heat distribution in your home much more efficient. You can leave all of the work to us, including any ductwork involved, and we’ll make sure to keep your property as neat as possible during and after the installation process.

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