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Boiler service and maintenance are critical to keep your heating costs in check. Whether you need to repair, install, or maintain your boiler, City Gas Services is here to help! We serve clients throughout Highgate and surrounding areas.

Read on for more on replacing your boiler, as well as the benefits of a new central heating system.

What are Signs You Need to Replace Your Boiler?

Is your boiler leaking? Not producing any heat at all? Or is heat building up to severe levels? These are signs it’s time to look into a replacement boiler.

What are the benefits of replacing your boiler? When you choose to replace your older boiler with a gas or combi boiler, you are making a choice to upgrade the technology in your home to something that is more energy efficient and cost effective.

Gas heating tends to happen much more quickly. This means that your home will cool down much more quickly when the heat is turned off. If you have a larger household, a gas boiler will be more comfortable for you and your family.

Need Central Heating Services?

Central heating systems allow for an electronic thermostat to be in every room while also allowing for the system to be controlled via off site electronic controls. For commercial properties, this means a building manager can outsource the temperature controls.

What are the benefits of an electronic system to handle the heating in your home? The system can be controlled to a finely-tuned standard. This means your heating system can be kept at a temperature that is going to be comfortable for everyone. Rather than guessing what the temperature might be when the boiler is turned on, having electronic controls installed will prove more efficient for all members of the household.

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