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Having problems with your boiler? Contact a specialist you can trust! City Gas Services are your expert boiler engineers–BPEC-certified and Gas Safe Registered. You will find us serving Muswell Hill and neighbouring areas.

Not Sure If You Should Repair or Replace Your Boiler?

If you notice that you’re investing too much into frequent boiler repairs, it may be time to look into a replacement. Generally, if repairs are more than 50 percent of the cost of a new system, we recommend investing in a new, more efficient system. Your engineer will guide you in choosing the right one for your home.

What are signs you should look into professional service? Look out for little or no pressure, unusual sounds or odors, or the smell of gas.

Want to Save Energy and Space?

If you have a smaller household, you’ll want to learn more about installing a combi boiler.

A combi gas-powered central heating and hot water system with the balanced flue, radiators, and appropriate copper pipes will warm your home while giving you hot water at the same time. With a combi boiler, you’ll have instant hot water on demand without a large tank taking up room!

Ready to install your new boiler? Your engineer will help you pick the right system for your needs. We recommend that any D or below rated system be replaced with an A rated boiler. We’ll help you install a new condensing boiler that is extremely cost efficient, helping you save on your monthly heating expenses.

What’s the Advantage of Power Flushing?

Power flushing is the process of cleaning your boiler, pipelines, and radiator with high pressure water forced through the system. A cleaning machine with a powerful pump connected to the heating circuit purges your system of dirt, sludge, and other objects that are corroding the system. For a more effective and cleaner flush, chemicals can be used to target stubborn substances.

So why should you consider having this service done? Over a period of time, rust can build up in your radiator due to untreated hard water or harsh chemicals in the water. This will lead to higher fuel bills, boiler failure, little to no hot water, poor distribution of heat to the radiators, or the radiators needing frequent bleeding.

By treating the rust buildup in the radiator, we’ll help you cure any unusual sounds your radiator makes. We will thoroughly clear out your radiator and boiler so your systems run efficiently and high fuel bills come to an end. We only use proven methods to flush central heating systems, restore heat, and give your home long-term protection.

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