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A modern home simply wouldn’t be livable without a boiler to keep it warm in the winter. But eventually, your boiler will need to be repaired or replaced. How do you know when your boiler needs professional service? Read on for problem signs to look out for. If any of them sound familiar, contact your boiler engineers at City Gas Services. We serve residents throughout Palmers Green and surrounding areas.

What are Signs Your Boiler is in Trouble?

No heat: The first telltale sign of trouble is a boiler that’s not producing any heat. This is due to a faulty thermostat, not enough water in the boiler, and problems with the valves, diaphragm, or other components.

Radiators don’t heat up: Your boiler may seem to be working, but the radiators don’t heat up. This is caused by corroded pipes, which hinder the proper flow of hot water or steam. In this case, your engineer will need to clean out the pipes.

Not enough water in the boiler: This signals a leak in your system. A leak will lead to your boiler losing pressure. On the other hand, low pressure can also indicate that a pressure relief valve is broken.

Unusual sounds: Is your boiler making odd whistling or gurgling noises? That’s because there’s air trapped somewhere in the pipes, or there’s not enough water in the boiler. Another reason is hard water entering the fresh water lines and depositing limescale on the heat exchange.

When should you replace your boiler? It’s time to replace the boiler if leaks, low water pressure, and more than one broken component cannot be fixed. In these cases, a replacement system will prove to be more cost effective and efficient in the long run.

Should You Get a Combi Boiler?

More and more, people are replacing their traditional boiler with a combination system. This type of boiler provides your home with heat AND hot water, a task that was usually left exclusively to a hot water heater. These combination boilers save space, time, and money for the practical homeowner.

What About Gas Boilers?

Many of our clients are also swapping their old oil-powered boilers for gas system.. Gas is more efficient than oil, and right now its cost is lower. However, your home will need to be prepared for a gas-fueled boiler if it hasn’t had one. A gas line will need to be run into the house by an engineer, and a gas meter will also need to be installed.

Want Greater Heating Efficiency?

Whatever type of fuel is used for the boiler, central heating is an excellent upgrade for your home. Central heating can be zoned so heat isn’t wasted in a room that’s not being used. Thermostats can also be programmed to turn on the heat at certain times of the day.

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