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If you’re like many people using an obsolete boiler, it may be tempting to save your money by delaying replacement. However, a new boiler can actually save you hundreds of pounds every month–and you’ll use energy sources more efficiently by doing so. Look to your engineers at City Gas Services for professional boiler services that include installation, repair, and maintenance in Southgate and surrounding areas.

Read on to know when it’s time to replace or repair your boiler so you can get on with stress-free heating.

What are Signs You Need Professional Boiler Services?

Though it makes more sense to replace aging boilers entirely, repairs are sometimes the more cost effective solution.

The following are signs you’ll need to repair or replace your boiler system:


Your boiler typically uses the same supply of water over and over again.

Older systems may be damaged and allow water from the environment, oxygen, and minerals to enter. These contaminants will eventually defeat any self-cleaning mechanisms your boiler might have and lead to rust, which will destroy the boiler over time.

Rust stains near the boiler can also indicate damage due to incorrect levels of water being transferred to it.

In most cases, extensive rust damage will call for replacement.

Water leaks

Check for leaks by looking for water wherever pipes to or from the boiler are present. Boiler leaks will need to be repaired quickly, as water damage to your home will be much more expensive to repair than the boiler itself, and feeding the incorrect amount of water to the boiler will damage it.

To protect against pipe leaks, we recommend using overground rather than underground pipes.

Boiler leaks can be repaired using mechanical seals such as gaskets or caulking.

Gas leaks

One of the most serious problems a boiler can have is a gas leak. In extreme cases, harmful gases can fill surrounding areas and cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

Gas leaks occur due to damaged cleanout covers or doors. Excessive heat from a boiler can warp them to the extent that repair becomes impossible and replacement will be needed.

If your old boiler exhibits signs of damage such as rust or leaks, you’re better off replacing your boiler as soon as possible and ensuring that piping feeding the heater is adequate. By delaying replacement of your damaged boiler, you will continue to pay unnecessarily high energy bills for a system that will need to eventually need to be replaced. Since newer types of boilers are also more energy efficient, they will pay for themselves after a period of time.

What are the Advantages of Gas and Combination Boilers?

The most efficient gas boilers use waste heat to heat the water flowing into them. This feature enables these boilers to require less energy overall. In many cases, gas boilers make use of 98 percent or more of the heat that’s generated. As a result, newer gas boilers use less fuel and can pay for themselves in energy savings within five years of installation.

Combination boilers are also energy efficient because they don’t use the substantial amount of energy required to heat water that stays in the boiler. This is because the water is heated directly from the source. On-demand heating also means it’s not necessary to wait for the water to warm up while you take your shower or wash your dishes.

What are the Advantages of Central Heating?

Centralized boiler systems are the best choice for smaller households looking to free up some space. These systems do not use as much energy as point-of-use water heaters and can be used as a backup water supply in some cases. If additional units to your central heating systems are installed, they can also be powered by energy-efficient sources more easily.

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