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Having problems with your boiler? An inefficient or broken system will increase your monthly energy costs and even pose a safety hazard. Give City Gas Services a call for professional repairs or replacements in the Winchmore Hill area.

Does My Boiler Need Replacement or Repair?

Although boilers are an effective way to heat water at a low cost, they are prone to a variety of different problems, especially if they have been in use for more than 3 years. There are several signs to look out for that point to necessary repair or replacement services.

Leaking or hissing

A major sign that your boiler needs repair is if it’s leaking. This problem should be handled as soon as possible to avoid potential water damage. In addition, hissing sounds coming from your boiler is a sign of extreme temperature within the tank, which can create a safety hazard.

Excessive temperatures

When a boiler is breaking down, your indoor temperatures will become excessively cold or hot. This is a sure sign that your boiler will need to be repaired.

Strange smells

If you notice a strange smell (especially gas) in the area around your boiler, get professional help immediately. You may have a gas leak.

What are the Benefits of Replacing Your Old Boiler?

As boilers age, they start to cost a lot more just to effectively heat the same amount of water. This monthly cost can snowball into a large amount over time. To save money, it is actually more cost effective to install a newer, more efficient system.

Two of the best replacement options are gas boilers and combi boilers. Because of dramatic increases in technology, these newer boilers heat up water much faster and cost much less to maintain.

Want to Better Control Your Indoor Temperature?

Look no further than central heating. With the dramatic reduction in energy consumption, central heating systems pay for themselves within a few years.

One of the greatest benefits of central heating is that it allows full use of your home, making your indoor space much more comfortable through balanced temperatures. Additionally, central heating has been shown to reduce mold growth and reduce a variety of health problems from bronchitis to asthma.

Should You Try Power Flushing?

We recommend power flushing as an annual preventive maintenance measure. It can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your heating unit.

During the power flushing process, high pressure water is shot through the heating circuit, effectively removing all sludge, corrosion, and build up.

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