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Power Flushing in North London

Keep your heating system running smoothly and free of circulation issues. Call 020 8882 2266 for power flushing solutions in London.

Power Flushing Services Contractor in London, UK

As qualified plumbers in London, we offer a powerful and professional power flush service to avoid potential problems such as leaking radiators, cold spots on radiators, noises coming from the boiler, etc. What the power flush method does is help fix heating circulation problems. 

Our team of power flush professional has been fully trained to the highest standards, using the latest methods.

What is Power Flushing?

Also known as hard or jet flushing, power flushing is the expression used by heating professionals to define the process by which the pipework, radiators and boilers are powerfully cleaned. This is done by using water at high velocity but low pressure, so that the system does not get damaged.

Our power flush team uses a machine with a powerful pump connected to the heating circuit to allow a high flow rate of water into the heating circuit. This method efficiently removes your system of scale, sludge and other corroded products.

The power flushing machine then expels all the sludge and debris from the system by using a high velocity of fresh water.

Depending on the nature of the problem and the system type, chemicals are often added to make the process more effective. Our power flushing specialists will establish if chemicals are needed or not by inspecting the system.

Why Do I Need a Power Flush?

Power flush cleaning is recommended if you start to notice these problems:

  • Tops and bottoms of radiators are cold and require constant bleeding
  • Poor to no heat distribution to the radiators
  • Boiler produces unusual sounds
  • Very little or no hot water
  • Higher fuel bills
  • Sudden boiler failure

Black metal oxide sludge (rust) is often the cause of all these problems. The sludge gradually builds up in your central heating system, especially if the water there has not been treated with chemicals. Sludge can affect the efficiency of a system and can lead to higher fuel bills, premature boiler failure or failure of valves and pumps.

Boiler failure is the greatest risk to an untreated heating system, resulting in costly repairs and unnecessary stress. This occurs when excessive lime scale and sludge builds up in the system, causing the boiler to overheat and fracture.

As boiler installation specialists, we recommend serving your heating system with a power flush when installing a new boiler or if you have any of the problems mentioned above.

Power Flush Solutions and Long Term Protection

At City Gas Services, we use proven methods to make sure your central heating system is flushed to a standard that exceeds BS7593.

We use the robust Kamco Clearflow power flushing machine along with a MagnaClean filter, which is connected to the heating circuit. These units will completely remove all sludge from your central heating circuit and restore heat, protection, efficiency–while lowering your fuel bills!

Once your system is sludge free, we will apply a rust inhibitor at the correct dosage to give your heating system long term protection.

Certification & Guarantee On All Power Flush Services

We offer a 2-year guarantee on all of our power flushing services. We also provide a certificate on completion with a before and after TDS reading (Total Dissolved Solids) and a PH reading, along with a work report with any suggestions or recommendations to ensure your system stays clean.

Our services feature FIXED prices from £320.00.

Call for competitively priced power flush service and a FREE heating inspection. You can reach us at 020 8882 2266 or on free phone at 0800 075 8181.


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