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Just imagine–it’s a freezing cold, frosty evening and you’re on the way home. You can’t wait to get into the warmth of your house.

But the heating’s not timed to be on for another hour and the house takes that long to get warm. Wouldn’t it be great if you could switch your heating on BEFORE you get home, and turn it off remotely from wherever you are–even if you’re in another country!

We have all been there, when either the heating had been on all day for unwanted periods because you forgot to turn it off before you went on holiday, or stayed longer than expected on a business conference than expected.

Not only is this an inconvenience and uncomfortable experience, but you could be wasting a lot of those hard earned pennies. With the cost of gas at an all time high, energy conservation is now a concern in every household. Save on your fuel bills, reduce your carbon emissions and be in total control of your heating with remote heating from City Gas Services.

How It’s Done

We install a small clever box and plug this into your Internet router. This hub talks to your thermostat and is able to be controlled by the smart app we install on your smart phone. (Android or iPhone)

We offer a range of different systems to suit most budgets. Below are some examples of the systems we install.

Inspire home automation programmable thermostat

This is our entry level thermostat. It is very simple to operate via the free app or from the thermostat itself.
The thermostat needs to be wired to the boiler with 2 core; this makes it ideal if you are replacing a wired thermostat. Due to having a permanent  communication cable directly to the boiler if the gateway box failed or the Internet connection is lost, you can still control your heating from the stat, making this a very reliable system.

There are no monthly fees with this system.

Climote 3 channel time clock and thermostat

The Climote is a beautiful system to use. Its has a large colour display and is simple to use from the programmer and via the free app.
It is possible to control 3 zones, making it ideal for people who have a hot water cylinder or possibly a zoned heating for upstairs and downstairs.
The remote access is free for the first year, then a small fee applies on a yearly basis.

Salus iT500 Internet thermostat

The iT500 is a versatile system which is completely wireless. It is possible to control just your heating for on off periods and temperature and also control two zones.
The unit is very sleek and responds by touch screen. The app is free to download and there are no monthly fees.

Nest self learning thermostat

Created by Tony Faell, the man responsible for creating the iPod from Apple and leading the team who created the iPhone.
This revolutionary thermostat self-learns your home heating and evens knows when you are home or not. It is currently not available for the UK market but is undergoing live testing in some homes in the UK;  it should hopefully be available in the near future. Watch this space!

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