Want better control over certain rooms in your home? You need a thermostatic radiator valve. Call 020 8882 2266 to install one today. We serve London and surrounding areas.

Commonly referred to as TRVs, the idea behind fitting these valves to your radiators is so you can control the temperature of the area or room in which they are installed.

This is important for comfort, as well as for saving on your fuel bills.
When the room reaches the selected temperature, the valve will close the flow of water to the radiator; this ensures you don’t get uncomfortably hot, and also causes the boiler to modulate the burner to a lower output as more rooms reach temperature and don’t require as much heat generation from the boiler.

Thermostatic valves normally have a number of settings from
0-5; this allows variable room temperatures ranging from 5 to 280C.
If you change your boiler or have a new system installed to comply with part L of the current building regulations, thermostatic radiator valves  must be fitted on all radiators (except in the room with the room thermostat) on new systems. When replacing a boiler, TRVs are required on at least the bedroom radiators, but preferably on all units in your home.

It is important that the room containing the thermostat does not have a TRV fitted to the radiator. This will ensure accurate temperature readings for the thermostat and also a minimum bypass load of 10%.

City Gas Services can install TRV valves on your existing radiators. There are many different types of valves, including programmable valves that can be programmed for different temperatures at different times during the day and even controlled wirelessly.

Please view below for the types of valves we install.

Standard thermostatic radiator valves

Standard thermostatic radiator valves


Programmable thermostatic radiator valves

Programmable wireless thermostatic radiator valves

This type of system is used to zone the heating system. Each radiator can be individually controlled remotely. In larger properties where rooms are not always occupied, the savings this system brings on the fuel bill can be huge.

Please contact us at 020 8882 2266 to discuss your individual needs. It is possible to reduce your fuel bills by up to 30% by having a zoned heating system!

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