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We are delighted to be approved Installers for the NEST thermostat in London. The self learning thermostat is the best looking thermostat we have ever seen and is able to connect very easily to you Android or I Phone device. Designed and built by former Apple engineers Tony Fadell  and Matt Rogers due to a gap in the market for well designed intelligent thermostats that are simple to use. Google bought NEST Labs the company who manufacture the thermostat in January 2014 for almost £2 billion pounds!   Certified Nest Thermostat Installer Londonquick loan approval


The NEST thermostat is capable of being connected to most boilers in the UK. It allows you to control the time and desired temperature of your property very accurately using a very clever and sophisticated algorithm. Even from you mobile device!   The NEST has built in sensors that monitor when you are home, using this technology it is able to turn your heating off when you leave the property for long periods of time so that you don’t waste money on unnecessarily heating your home. The savings that NEST could possibly make to your gas bill would probably be enough to pay for itself within a short amount of time. One of the key features of the NEST is that it learns your heating preferences over time. It tracks how you use your heating so that it can anticipate your needs and save you money.

Watch the video below to learn more about NEST, the smart thermostat. would like to have a NEST thermostat Installed in your home, call City Gas Services today on 020 8882 2266 to have an approved heating engineer Install NEST in your home. Priced from just £179.99 for the NEST thermostat and £99.99 Installation.        


The NEST thermostat also has a partner. Introducing NEST Protect the smoke and carbon monoxide detector. As stylish and sleek looking as a smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector can get! NEST protect goes further than the average detector by being accessible via your smartphone, If smoke or carbon monoxide are present the alarm will sound telling what has been detected and send a text message to your phone. If you have multiple alarms around your home you name which room each detector is installed to so it will even tell you which room the alarm was triggered in. When used with NEST smart thermostat it will tell the thermostat to shut down the boiler if carbon monoxide has been detected. This really is the smartest way to protect you and your family .

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