Benefits of Having A Digital Setback Thermostat

The bitter cold of winter and the sweltering heat of summer can put quite the strain on home heating and cooling costs. You want to be comfortable without breaking the bank. Installing a digital setback thermostat can help ease some of these costs.

A digital setback thermostat is a programmable thermostat that adjusts the temperature of a home (or business) according to a series of programmed settings that go into effect at various times of the day. They are designed for people who live on a fixed schedule, such as leaving and coming home from work at the same time each day. A digital setback thermostat reduces heating/cooling losses by allowing the temperature differences to be reduced at times when the amount of heating or cooling would not be noticed. For example, you leave for work in the morning and come home eight hours later. While you are gone, your home may be running its furnace or air conditioning while no one is there to reap the benefits, thus racking up a high heating/cooling bill. With a digital setback thermostat, units are programmed to kick on only at select times, such as when a family is due home from work and school. Digital setback thermostats can also be programmed to fit around sleep schedules.

Newer homes are often equipped with digital setback thermostats, but upgrading to one is easy to do either by yourself or by hiring a trusted HVAC specialist. To get the most out of your investment, the thermostat should be installed on an interior wall away from elements that can influence readings, such as direct sunlight, skylights, drafts, doorways, and windows. Be sure your thermostat is easily accessible for easy programming and is not blocked by furniture. When programming, take into account bedtimes and waking up times of household members and the peak times your home is occupied. Adjust the thermostat for times in which the house in unoccupied for more than four hours.

A digital setback thermostat makes your London home comfortable  while reducing energy costs. Considering installing one? Call City Gas Services today at 020 8882 2266. 

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