The Google Nest self learning thermostat has become very popular with our clients, heating controls are often overlooked but are essential for keeping your home comfortable and also saving you money on your fuel bills, by also being able to control your heating remotely you can turn your heating on before you arrive home and have the Nest set up to know when you are not home and turn the heating off completely or at a lower temperature.

In this guide we will go through all the functions of the Nest thermostat.

Nest thermostat

Temperature screen

This is like the home screen, It shows the current air temperature in the home and also the temperature you have set the NEST to heat your home to. (Target temperature)



Settings Screen

Once you press on the chrome outer ring the thermostat the display will show the settings menu, from here we can set a schedule, turn the heating completely off or boost the hot water if you have a cylinder.

The nest communicates directly to the Heat link (not the boiler).

The Heat link is wired to the boiler, when it receives a wireless signal from the NEST a relay then switches the boiler on.

What can confuse some people is that NEST thermostat needs a power supply, unlike some other thermostats it cannot be powered by batteries. The Heat link has has terminals that can power the NEST thermostat but you will require a cable to run from the Heat link to the thermostat, alternatively you can use the Nest stand as below which must be plugged into a wall socket.

List of features


With farsight switched on your NEST thermostat display will turn on as you approach it, there are two settings for the distance at when the display will be show.

1. Near – will only turn on when you are close to the thermostat.

2. Far – will turn on even when you are across the other side of the room.

  • The thermostat’s target temperature
  • The current room temperature
  • An analog clock
  • A digital clock
  • The weather and forecast

True Radiant

With this setting on, NEST will lean how long it takes to heat your home and then signal the boiler to heat up until the required target temperature has been reached.

For Instance you require the home to reach 21 degrees and set the thermostat to be on at 6:00am in the schedule, the NEST thermostat may switch on the boiler at 5:00am as it the algorithm has learnt it takes 60 minutes for your house to reach this temperature.

If you find your heating coming on in the early hours try switching True Radiant off or adjust the maximum hours to a lower limit. 


If your NEST thermostat In direct sunlight turn on this setting so the thermostat will work more accurately.

Time to Temp

Time-to-temp shows on the display how long it will take to heat your home to the desired target temperature.


The leaf Icon will appear when you have adjusted the NEST thermostat to an energy-saving temperature.

Auto Schedule

This is where you set the time and temperature for the nest to operate and also your hot water times if you have a cylinder fitted.


Nest App

The NEST thermostat app is very easy to use and allows you to set  times for the heating and hot water and also temperatures remotely from your smartphone, tablet or desktop.

You can even connect Alexa or Google home to control the NEST via voice! 


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