Installation of a new Viessmann 100 35KW Vitodens systems boiler

City Gas boilers undertook the Installation of Installation a new Viessmann 100 Vitodens boiler to a 6 bedroom property in Barnet.

The works Involved removing a 30 Year old conventional boiler and cylinder which was a vented type system.

As you can see this was a very old Inefficient boiler. The boiler had to be repositioned due to the conventional flue system which was asbestos. The boiler was drained and carefully disconnected from the system, an asbestos specialist contractor was hired by us to remove the asbestos in a controlled manner.

The vertical asbestos flue system and copper cylinder above the boiler.

Considering the boilers age it was very clean Inside, this shows it had been serviced well over the years, the boiler was still working but a seal had failed on a gasket between the heat exchanger sections, this was the reason for replacement.

A cast Iron boiler with this many sections is very heavy to carry, to save our backs each section of the boiler was split.

Once the flue system, boiler and cylinder had been removed we Installed some 3/4 plywood to support the weight of the next cylinder.

The old pipework was removed as much as possible and new supplies Installed in preparation of the new steel cylinder.

New pipework was Installed to the new boiler position with rubber lined clips.

The Viessmann boiler is wall hung which freed up extra floor room for the client in the utility room.

New pre lagged cylinder Installed with expansion vessel and 3 x zones Installed for optimum control over the system, each floor of the house can now be controlled independently. 

Our engineer Oktay leveling pipework before soldering.

Job finished, just the tiles left to wipe down!

Viessmann Vitodens 100 boiler Installation London

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