If you have a problem with your unvented cylinder, City Gas Services are at hand to repair or service your unvented cylinder in the London area.
We hold G3 qualifications, are Gas Safe registered and fully insured.

Unvented cylinders need regular servicing and maintenance not only to ensure they are performing as intended, but also from a safety point of view.
Unvented hot water cylinder hold large amounts of water and when heated the water expands, the controls on your cylinder manage the temperature, pressure and expansion when the water is heating to ensure that the temperature does not reach a dangerous level. If the controls on your system fail there are back up safety devices to release the pressure and temperature from the cylinder.
It is important these controls are checked on an annual basis to ensure the safety of the system.

We are able to work on all unvented cylinders, some of the cylinders brands we repair and maintain regularly are:

  • Albion Pressurised Hot Water Cylinders
  • Ariston Hot Water Cylinders
  • Biasi Unvented Hot Water Cylinders
  • Crown Pressurised Hot Water Cylinders
  • Flamco Unvented Hot Water Cylinders
  • Gledhill Hot Water Cylinders
  • Heatrae Sadia Megaflo Pressurised Hot Water Cylinders
  • Range Pressurised Hot Water Cylinders
  • Santon Pressurised Hot Water Cylinders
  • Vaillant Unistor Unvented Hot Water Cylinders

Many unvented cylinder manufactures offer very long warranty’s from 5 years to a lifetime guarantee.

If you do not service the cylinder on an annual basis this will void the warranty.

City Gas Services also offer a replacement service of your unvented cylinder. If your cylinder is leaking at the cylinder, this is often not repairable and a replacement will be needed.

Call 0800 075 8181 to book your service or repair for your unvented cylinder.

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