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About Viessmann Services Contractor in London, UK

City Gas Services are approved specialist Installers of the Viessmann range of boilers in London.

We are Viessmann trained and have experience in the installation of  Vitodens boilers. For a free quotation for the installation of Viessmann boiler please do not hesitate to contact us on 020 882 2266 or use the contact request form.

As most products made in German the ethos is on quality. The heat exchanger is made of stainless steel, which is without doubt the best material for exchangers in boilers.
The heat exchanger is a key component in a boiler that transfers the energy of gas to heat the water.

One of the unique design features of all Viesmmann Vitodnes boilers is the Inox Radial heat exchanger made from high grade Stainless Steel. The spiral wound tube, with a rectangular profile is designed to ensure a laminar flow without a boundary layer for the best heat transfer possible. This self-cleaning exchanger is so reliable that it is guaranteed fir ten years against corrosion.
It is believed to date no Viessmann Vitodens heat exchanger has been replaced due to corrosion problems which makes these boilers exceptionally reliable and as such are regarded as the “Rolls Royce” of boilers.

City Gas Installation of a Viessmann Boiler in a Schmidt kitchen

City Gas Installation of a Viessmann Boiler in a Schmidt kitchen 

Ten Years Extended Warranty

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As trained specialist Installers of Viessmann products we are now able to offer an extended warranty of up to 10 years, this includes parts and labour.
After your new high efficiency condensing boiler is installed you can forget any costly repair bills or service agreements for the next 10 years.
See our new boiler warranty vs service agreement to see how much you could save

History of Viessmann

The Viessmann Company was founded in 1917 by Johann Viessmann In Hof Germany.
Family owned for three generations. The President and CEO today is Dr. Martin Viessmann. As of 2013 the company employs over 9000 people and reports annual sales of 1.86 billion euros.

In Germany the company leads the market in high efficiency boilers with a 38 percent share. They have 11 production factories in Germany and 22 worldwide.

Viessmann Factory 

Dr. Martin Viessmann

History of Viessmann boilers

1879 The founder of the Viessmann, Johann Viessmann, was born in the town of Kulmbach, Germany.
He lived in this town and worked as a locksmith until the first world war.

1928 Johann Viessmann started building boilers. He leads the way welding sturdy steel pipes together giving the new construction design better reliability and strength. He soon gathers a good reputation.

Viessmann Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger 

1930 During this time central heating systems became a dominant technology and the market was expanding. In 1937 he moved his business to Allendorf where he set up a new factory with 30 employees.

1945 Hans Viessmann takes over the family business from his father. At first, the younger Hans focused on modernizing the production facilities to enable growth.
By 1949 the number of employees had almost tripled.

1950 The Triola boiler was presented at the Hannover Trade Fair in 1957. The new model also contained a powerful boiler made out of copper pipes.

1959 The new design of Viessmann steel furnaces eventually caught on and was able to gain a good market share in comparison with cast-iron models.
The company now employed 350 people and made 5,000 furnaces annually.

1960 At this time gas and oil replaced coal as the primary fuel. To keep up with demand the company replaces its welders with faster automated machines.

1968 The annual output amounted to over 40,000 boilers per year and the companies workforce had increased to 1400 with a market share of 65 percent in Germany. This was a triumph as steel heat exchangers out sold cast Iron models.

1970 Gas now becomes the primary fuel. The company opens new production facilities in Unterkotzkau, Oberkotzkau, France and Canada in 1978.
The company start production of highly efficient low water temperature based
boilers and Solar panels.

1980 With growing concerns over the Greenhouse effect the company resond by producing The Vitola series. This used a a combination of two heating surfaces that were linked together, The result was that it was a very efficient furnace. Over 1 million are sold.

Matrix burner in operation 

1989 Dr. Hans Viessmann was named a Fellow of the American Society of Heating. Heating technology moves forward and the replacement of electronic control systems with digital ones takes place.

1991 Company sales in that year went up to DM 1.8 billion, 700 million more than in the year before.

1993 Martin Viessmann, son of Hans Viessmann, takes over the company.
He makes it a priority to improve communication among employees on all levels.

1995 German market for boilers lowers by 20 percent due to a slump in the construction Industry. The company decided to focus more on markets abroad.

1998 Export sales grew by 12 percent and reached one-third of total sales.

2000- Present 54 percent of sales are derived from export.
The company continues to lead the way forward with constant development in producing the most efficient boilers in the marketplace.

Why choose a Viessmann boiler?

Reliable and durable – Made in Germany

People often mistake Viessmann boilers for being extremely expensive, yes they may be more expensive than some of the cheaper brands, but when you take a look at the prices of some of the other popular brands you will notice that on price comparison they are not far apart.

Even when attractively priced the company has not lost its main objective of producing products of great quality that will be reliable and will last.

Some of the benefits:

  • Modulation range of 1:4
  • High corrosion resistance through high grade stainless steel
  • Self cleaning smooth stainless steel heat exchanger with 10 year warranty
  • Low combustion noise through low fan speed
  • Matrix cylinder burner with long service life through stainless steel MatriX mesh
  • Optimum matching of heat exchanger and burner
  • Lambda Pro combustion controller automatically adjusts combustion for fluctuations in gas quality, which extends the life of the boiler and service.

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