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With fuel bills continually rising and now at an all time high, there is a need for people to ensure that they have a heating system installed that is eco-friendly to reduce our carbon footprint and save some money! Fortunately, City Gas Services provides weather compensation control services for residents throughout the London area. Read on for more information!

Since 2005 it has become mandatory to replace boilers with condensing types only. This is good news, because it is estimated that older, inefficient non-condensing boilers are responsible for 16% of the world’s CO2 emissions. Up to 35% of fuel saving can also be achieved by upgrading to a condensing boiler. These are huge benefits!

But did you know there is a way to save even more with a condensing boiler? It’s possible to save up to 20%!

By installing a small outside sensor and intelligent controller, your boiler will be able to conserve fuel much more efficiently and help you maintain a more comfortable home.

The problem with normal controls

When we heat our homes, heat is lost through walls, windows, etc. This has to be replaced. The boiler fires the burner back on from response to the controls that have detected the heat loss and called for heat from the boiler.

In most homes, we have a programmer to control the time the boiler heats the property. Yo may also have a room thermostat that monitors the inside ambient room temperature and turns the boiler on or off according to the temperature inside the property.

The series of events that take place when the boiler responds to heat loss are as follows:

The problem starts at 1. The boiler has no feedback about the temperature outside. The boiler fires the burner at full rate to heat the home until room stat is satisfied, even if the temperature outside increases. When the thermostat is satisfied it turns the boiler off until the heat is lost, and starts the cycle again.

How can weather compensation control help?

A weather compensator changes this cycle by providing the boiler with feedback about the temperature of the weather outside via a small sensor mounted externally on a wall. The controller then uses this information to calculate the heat lost from the building and control the boiler to use only the amount of gas needed.

The above chart shows the much more linear flow temperature from the boiler as result of controlling the burner more intelligently. By doing so, your property will remain warm, rather than too hot, then too cold. And don’t forget about the savings on your fuel bill as well!

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