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“What kind of boiler should I get?”

We are asked this question every day by our customers throughout the London area, either on the phone or when  carrying out a survey or quotation on site for a boiler replacement.

Choosing which boiler to purchase and install can be tough. It’s a large investment, one that many homeowners can’t afford to get wrong.

There are several variables involved in choosing the right boiler. It’s best to seek help from a qualified Gas Safe Registered engineer who will be able to provide advice on which system will suit your particular needs.

Read on for tips on boiler installation services, problems you might encounter, and the types of questions you should be asking your boiler engineer.

Choosing Your Boiler

If you chose five different installation companies to give you a quote,  you will get mixed reviews on which boiler to install. This might confuse you, as your chosen installers could possibly give quotes for four or five different boiler brands.

Don’t be alarmed by this. It is better that an engineer quotes for a brand he or she is familiar with and has past experience installing.

You are much more likely to get a better installation and back up service with an installer who is used to a certain brand, compared to one who hasn’t specialised in a particular brand.

The engineer installing your boiler is even more important than brand you choose. An average brand has the potential to last longer and prove more reliable than a more “expensive” brand if it is installed well by an experienced engineer. We have met many customers who have chosen an expensive, well-made boiler, only to be disappointed by frequent breakdowns due to the fact that it was installed poorly.

As you can see, it is often not the fault of the boiler when things go wrong. I have seen many reviews by disappointed consumers stating that a certain boiler brand is no good, and that they should never have bought one due to the constant problems. This is why choosing the right installation team is so important.

Important Factors in Choosing Your Boiler Installation Company

1. Make sure your installer is Gas Sage registered. It is the law that any person working on gas needs to be registered with the Gas Safe Register. This is to ensure your safety. You can check the Gas Safe Register here to ensure you installer is registered.

2. The plumbing and heating industry has evolved considerably over the past ten years. You now have separate categories of what used to simply be a plumber! Now you have specialists in plumbing, heating/gas, and drainage.

Due to the special nature of each trade and the different equipment needed, you might find that “Bob” your normal plumber–who changes your taps and plumbed your washing machine–might not be the right person to use for installing your boiler.

Do you remember that saying “Jack of all trades, master of none”? Find out the exact type of work your go-to tradesman normally does.

3. Use an accredited or trained engineer. Most boiler brands will train an engineer on how to install and repair their brand of boiler. By completing the training, the installer may also be given an upgraded warranty to give to their customers.

4. Ask friends and family which boiler they have and who installed it, and any problems or issues they have encountered.

5. On completion of the boiler installation, make sure that you have a building compliance certificate sent to you. This is to prove that your boiler has been installed by a qualified engineer. If you ever sell your property, you will be asked for this and it could potentially stop the sale of your home if you don’t have one to prove the boiler was installed by a registered person or company.

If you need help selecting the best boiler brand for your home, call us today at 020 8882 2266 or free phone on 0800 075 8181 for a FREE, no obligation quotation.

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