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Heating and hot water account for 84% of the energy consumption in your home. Ensuring you have the correct control over your heating system is essential.

Without heating controls, your indoor environment would be uncomfortable and you would be wasting fuel. In recent years, controls have evolved considerably and it’s now possible to control your entire heating system or each radiator individually by a remote wireless system.

The brilliance of wireless technology is that you can upgrade your system with very little fuss. Going wireless means not having to run messy cables under floors or having unsightly wires on show.

Surprisingly, many homes still have only very basic controls, with no room thermostat.

Many people think that because they have thermostat radiator valves fitted to the radiators, they don’t require a room thermostat.

This is not ideal, as the boiler will be fitted with a bypass that will open up if all the thermostatic valves reach temperature, causing the boiler to fire up and cycle unnecessarily.

Central heating systems need be fitted with a means of turning the boiler burner off when the desired temperature of the dwelling has been satisfied; this is referred to as ‘boiler interlock.’ By installing controls on your heating system that create a boiler interlock, you will save on your gas bills and the control will often pay for itself within 2 years.

City Gas Services provides a wide range of controls for new or existing central heating systems. We can tailor the system to your needs, such a controlling your system from your smartphone and installing a compensator control, which senses the outdoor temperature and adjusts the boiler’s burner accordingly.

Below are some of the popular systems we install.

Wireless programmable thermostat controls for boilers

Honeywell CM927 Universal 7 day programmable thermostat

Salus 09f1 Universal 7 day programmable thermostat

Salus ST Internal plug in receiver for Worcester Bosch or Vaillant boilers only

Worcester Bosch DT10 optimiser programmable thermostat internal plug-in receiver, 7-day or 1-day option

Vaillant VRT 392F programmable thermostat

Vitotrol 300-RF Portable touch screen programmable thermostat with docking station
(Compatible with Viessmann boilers only)

For more information and advice on which control system is best for you and your property, call us today at 020 8882 2266 or free phone on 0800 075 8181.

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